Accepted Papers

  • Last Update: Sep 22, 2022
Authors Title
Erna Hikmawati, Nur Ulfa Maulidevi and Kridanto Surendro Multi-Criteria Recommender System for Determining Risk Level of Covid-19
Buddhaporn Vanishkorn and Weeriya Supanich Crash Severity Classification Prediction and Factors Affecting Analysis of Highway Accidents
Zulfa Ulinuha, Sinung Suakanto, Edi Triono Nuryatno and Ekky Novriza Alam Critical Success Factors of E-Learning for Sustainable Health Learning Platform in Health Organization
Giffari Alfarizy and Rila Mandala Verification of Unanswerable Questions in the Question Answering System using Sentence-BERT and Cosine Similarity
Muhammad Ulfi and Rila Mandala Improving Query by Humming System using Frequency-Temporal Attention Network and Partial Query Matching
Hengky Surya Angkasa and Nur Ulfa Maulidevi Emotion Classification of User Face Image in Music Recommendation System
Lenny Putri Yulianti, Agung Trisetyarso, Judhi Santoso and Kridanto Surendro Hybrid Classical-Quantum Optimization for Ensemble Learning
Anindya P. Ekaputri and Saiful Akbar Financial News Sentiment Analysis using Modified VADER for Stock Price Prediction
Masato Kikuchi and Tadachika Ozono Improving Multi-class Classifier Using Likelihood Ratio Estimation with Regularization
Masato Kikuchi, Yuhi Kusakabe and Tadachika Ozono Conservative Likelihood Ratio Estimator for Infrequent Data Slightly above a Frequency Threshold
Widya P. Aulia and Ayu Purwarianti Early Risks Depression Prediction of Indonesian Twitter Users by Utilizing Pre-train Language Model and Linguistic Metadata Features Approaches
Miftahul Mahfuzh and Ayu Purwarianti Multi-Label Classification of Indonesian Financial Risk News using Transformer-based Multi-Task Learning
Kevin Austin Stefano and Fitra Arifiansyah Interaction Design for Interactive Learning in MOOCs using User-Centered Design Approach
Indra Febrio Nugroho and Fitra Arifiansyah Designing Interaction of Institut Teknologi Bandung Mental Health Services
Hayato Oshimo, Shiori Hironaka, Mitsuo Yoshida and Kyoji Umemura Follower–Followee Ratio Category and User Vector for Analyzing Following Behavior
Annisa Ayu Pramesti and Achmad Imam Kistijantoro Autoscaling Based on Response Time Prediction for Microservice Application in Kubernetes
Christopher Reynard Julian, Gian Reinfred Athevan, Nathanael Geoffrey Hanjaya, Henry Lucky and Derwin Suhartono Utilizing Machine Learning Algorithms to Detect Emotions from Tweets
Yonatan Viody and Achmad Imam Kistijantoro Container Migration for Distributed Deep Learning Training Scheduling in Kubernetes
Ryoto Ohsugi, Tomoyosi Akiba and Shigeru Masuyama Abstractive Approach for Agenda Extraction from Assembly Minutes
Stefanus Stanley Yoga Setiawan and Fariska Zakhralativa Ruskanda Lexical Complexity Prediction using Deep Learning with Sentence and Word Features
Yuki Gato and Tomoyoshi Akiba A Retrieval-and-Classification Approach for Fact-checking Grounded by Assembly Minutes
Cynthia Athena Mahadewi Subroto and Saiful Akbar The Effect of Preprocessing Techniques on Stacked Generalization and Stand-Alone Method for E-commerce Demand Prediction
William and Masayu Leylia Khodra Generative Opinion Triplet Extraction Using Pretrained Language Model
Takahiro Kinouchi and Norihide Kitaoka A response generation method of chat-bot system using input formatting and reference resolution
Taufiq Husada Daryanto and Masayu Leylia Khodra Indonesian AMR-to-Text Generation by Language Model Fine-tuning
Daiki Mori, Kengo Ohta, Ryota Nishimura and Norihide Kitaoka Implicit language information replacing method in Japanese encoder–decode ASR model
Hadi Permana and Ayu Purwarianti Sentiment Analysis in Sundanese Using Pre-trained Multilingual Language Models
Muhammad Akmal Pratama and Rila Mandala Improving Query Expansion Performances with Pseudo Relevance Feedback and Wu-Palmer Similarity on Cross Language Information Retrieval
Rafi Abbel Mohammad and Achmad Imam Kistijantoro Development of Performance Regression Analysis Tool using Distributed Tracing on Microservice-based Application
Josua Crishan Mintamanis and Rila Mandala Clickbait Indonesian News Classification using ColBERT with Siamese Network on Headline and Content News
Ananda Yulizar Muhammad and Fazat Nur Azizah Conversion of Entity-Relationship Model to NoSQL Document-Oriented Database Logical Model Using Workload Information and Entity Update Frequency
Dinda Yora Islami, Donny Mirza Adhitama, Devin Hoesen and Dessi Puji Lestari Utilizing Open Vocabulary Word Vector for Detecting Error in Decoded Speech Transcript
Yana Muhamadinah, Miranti Indar Mandasari and Iwan Prasetiyo Language Recognition for Unconditioned Javanese, Malay, and Sundanese Data based on i-vector Framework
Putu Gde Aditya Taguh Widiana, Ayu Purwarianti and Fariska Zakhralativa Ruskanda Developing COVID-19 Information Validation System using Natural Language Inference